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The Perfect Customer

Bitcoin mining, with its flexibility to operate anywhere, without any need for grid connection, immediately becomes a valuable customer for renewable projects, ensuring their economic feasibility from day one.

Simultaneously, while harnessing methane for Bitcoin mining, a financial incentive emerges for emitters to capture this potent gas that is 84x more warming than CO2. In doing so, Bitcoin mining addresses two pivotal environmental challenges.

Grid Balancing

The Unsung Hero
of Grid Stability

Bitcoin mining acts as a crucial grid balancer, supporting intermittent renewable energy sources. It enhances the economic viability of renewable projects, reduces energy wastage in surplus regions, and offers flexibility to stabilize energy prices.


Empowering the

Bitcoin offers the potential to provide financial freedom for over 4 billion individuals in authoritarian regions. It presents an opportunity for empowerment, with the capability to grant financial autonomy to women, including 15 million in Afghanistan, and reach marginalized communities from refugees to those in remote areas.

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